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Video Maker Come Car Restorer
Please check out my you tube channel BARKSPEED

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Keith B

Hobby Welder and can turn my had to anything thanks to my Dad “Del Boy
I grew up holding a hammer or being asked to “Hold this metal so i can weld it”
No wonder i have followed in my fathers foot steps and its where my knowledge comes from.
My Dad says “If it can be done i will try and i can’t is not an option”
I got my first Mini on my 16th birthday and with my dads help and knowledge we took just under a year to put it back on the road

Fast forward to my early 40’s and i rebuilt another and proud to say i still have the bug
Now i am on my 3rd mini a 1983 mini city that i am turning in to a street racer

So i have decided to video my comes and goings and hope it keeps you entertained 

Click below for my latest video’s from my YouTube channel

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