#LWKMINI stands for Loads of Work Keith and my first mini that i got for my 16th birthday had LWK on the number plate so my mum said LWK stands for Loads of Work Keith so i could remember my number plate. This mini is just LWK as it needs a lot of work.

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  • 2020-11-21 14.24.34
  • 2020-11-08 16.24.25

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As you can see it a full strip down and rebuild including learning new skills and perfecting some skills given to me by my Dad Derek

  1. I purchased the car back in 2017 and apart from a small amount of work early on a really left it covered up until early 2020
  2. January 2020 i moved the car to my house so i could do a bit of work in my spare time without going to my unit
  3. March 2020 covid hit and lucky for me in lock down i had something to do so i made a start stripping the car down to the bare shell
  4. April 2020 Sub frames taken off and made a roll over jig mounts to allow the shell to be rotated sub frames taken to powder coater after lock down ends
  5. May 2020 made more work of cleaning the under side and also got the shell moved over to my unit to work near my tools i bought 2 front floor pans and front inner wing to focus on the drivers side under body, when taking the rear sub frame off the front mount completely disintegrated so again another repair panel was purchased and i made a start making out what to cut.
  6. June and July pretty quiet as house jobs and good weather stopped me working on the mini
  7. August was taken up by cleaning and repairing rust holes by way of cutting out and seam welding new metal where holes had been
  8. September i made a start in addressing more small holes and slowly cutting the boot floor ready to take the repair panels i had bought.
  9. October
  10. November
  11. December Really ready to cut the rot out over the rear sub frame mount this was a very time consuming job as i kept having to offer the sub frame up to allow the mounting points all matched up
  12. January 2021 Welding more and more pleased with how the sub frame and rear floor pan repair came together